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Working for three family offices and being ranked as a Top 10 Family Office Investor and a Top 30 Family Office Real Estate Professional, DJ Van Keuren is a dynamic personality and highly-sought after resource from investors, other family office professionals, accountants, law firms , and others when it comes to family offices and real estate.

Partial List of International Speaking Engagements in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Canada, & Mexico

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"It was an honor to have DJ speak in Mexico City about what family offices look for in potential investments.  His insight was valuable and powerful."

Neil Green - Jaboy Conference Productions

"I recently had the pleasure to work with DJ Van Keuren.  DJ set the stage with his own insights and experience that led to an impactful session. He was able to make the discussion flow from relevant technical to anecdotal information that the kept the attention of the audience. His preparation allowed him to leverage his knowledge in a way that covered the subject matter comprehensively. . 

I received universal positive feedback from the audience and the academics who sponsored the event.I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again with DJ."
- Steve Oyer i(x)Investments 

"I have met DJ a number of times at conferences and then in person. I have found him to be an insightful speaker, collaborative family office professional, emotionally intelligent networker and a very thoughtful friend. Dj is an asset for any family office looking for a resourceful, talented and entrepreneurial profit center head."

- Abbas Hashmi - Family Office Specialist - Ultra Affuluent Private Investors & Families - Institute for Privite Investors

"I have heard DJ speak a number of times and he is best in class!! He is engaging and thought provoking.  When DJ speaks people listen!"

Ron Diamond - Diamond Wealth Strategies

"DJ Van Keuren has spoken at several PERE events and provides an in-depth perspective into the world of family offices. His anecdotal evidence, combined with his own survey data, allows both journalists and managers in the private real estate market to better understand the priorities of this elusive investor group.
He is both passionate and knowledgeable, offering anecdotes from his many years of experience in the industry to illustrate his points. He is a responsive and often quotable source that will take the time to explain more nuanced or complicated subjects."

- Lisa Fu PERE

DJ is very knowledgeable with regard to real estate offerings that fit well with family offices. He understands the complexities that come with investing for a family office, which typically have different needs than an institution. Families may have liquidity constraints, geographical boundaries, and property type biases which manifest themselves during the investment process. DJ is exceptional at working through these issues to ensure that families invest with confidence in properties that meet their unique requirements. I'm completely confident introducing DJ to my most sophisticated clients as well as those that are new to the asset class."

- Garb Mechigian - BMO Family Office - Multifamily Office

"DJ is very knowledgeable and attendees show admiration for DJ .  He truly understands the different aspects of family offices."

- Doug Booths Opal Conferences

"DJ Van Keuren is an expert in real estate investing for family offices.  We were thrilled to have Van Keuren speak at the Real Estate & Beyond” full-day conference at NYU Stern School of Business.  
He structured the discussion topic brilliantly. He was insightful, engaging, and was able integrate themes from throughout the day and relate them back to family offices. 
Due to his direction, our Family Office topic was a great success and one of our most popular speakers of the day!"

- Joshua Negreira
New York University
Stern School of Business

"I worked with DJ in developing both the Harvard Student Real Estate Consortium (HREC) and the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization. In both organizations, DJ demonstrated inspiring and effective leadership. He has a positive attitude, is flexible and always willing to go the extra mile. It is an honor to know him both personally and professionally."

- Bendita Malakia, Esq. - Goldman Sachs


Top 10 Family Office Real Estate Professional

- Family Capital

Top 30 Family Office Real Estate Investor

- Trusted Insight

Winner Of The Catalyst Cap Intro Award For Best Presentation As Nominated By Investors

- Catalyst Financial Partners

Finalist For The Best In Industry Award For Special Industry Contribution To Family Offices

- Family Wealth Alliance

Finalist For Outstanding Contribution To Wealth Management Thought Leadership

- Family Wealth Report

Finalist For The Best In Industry Award For Thought Leadership

- Family Wealth Alliance


Publisher of the

Family Office Real Estate Magazine

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Author of Real Estate Investing For Family Offices


Official Member Of The Forbes Real Estate Council


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