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Where We are in the Real Estate Cycle with DJ Van Keuren

Where We are in the Real Estate Cycle with DJ Van Keuren

“Real estate runs in 17 and a half year cycles”. There are advantages to knowing how the cycle works so in this episode we talk to DJ Van Keuren, Co-Managing Member for Evergreen Property Partners. He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, author of "Real Estate Investing for Family Offices", founder of The Family Office Real Estate Institute, The Family Office Real Estate Magazine, and is a frequent speaker at family office conferences around the world. Most recently DJ was a Family Wealth Alliance finalist for its Best in Industry Awards for Thought Leadership and Special Industry Contributions awards. He has been published in Family Office Elite, Real Asset Advisor, National Real Estate Investor, Private Wealth and Forbes and mentioned in The New York Times, PERE, National Real Estate Investor, Trusted Insight among others. Mr. Van Keuren is a past editorial board member for Real Asset Advisor Magazine, is the past President of the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization and a prior Board Member for the Real Estate Academic Initiative at Harvard. He shares with us his journey and working with family offices, timing the market, generational wealth, and of course where we are now in the current market cycle. Don't miss it! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EPISODE 00:01 - Episode sponsor: Money Insights 00:41 - Guest introduction: DJ Van Keuren 02:11 - How DJ got into real estate and working with family offices 03:27 - Real estate market cycles 07:24 - Average net worth of families DJ works with 08:41 - Percentage of families generating wealth from real estate vs other businesses 11:55 - Seventy percent of wealth is lost between generations 14:11 - Strategies that family offices use to promote generational wealth 21:08 - Thoughts on the benefits of losing liquidity 25:25 - Where we are in the real estate cycle 30:00 - Other areas that DJ’s group is looking into right now 33:14 - DJ’s books CONNECTING WITH THE GUEST Website: Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn more on how to raise your income, investments, and life to the Next-Level visit our website at Next-Level Income ( #familyoffice #realestate #generationalwealth
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